RESET is a long-term campaign to raise awareness around the necessity of, and opportunity for, economic system change — to create a more just economy that works for everyone and for the long term.

Every movement needs a RESET to achieve their goals. We need to RESET for workers. RESET for climate action. RESET for racial justice. RESET for gender equity. RESET for the SDGs.

A full page ad in the New York Times on Sunday September 13, 2020, the 50th anniversary of Milton Friedman’s seminal essay on shareholder primacy, kicked off the RESET campaign.

Partnering with Imperative 21, the social change design lab Amplifier distilled the Imperatives for Economic System Change into compelling artwork available for free to everyone who seeks a more just economy.

Use this free RESET activation kit and social media toolkit to join hundreds of allies around the world creatively promoting the RESET to align with your goals in your local context.

A few highlights from the RESET kickoff, as well as some ideas and assets to inspire your creativity.

We can’t change systems without changing culture. Support a RESET of our economy. #imperative21 #letsreset

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We can’t change systems without changing culture. Support a RESET of our economy. #imperative21 #letsreset

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Imperatives for economic system change

Design for

  • Recognize the interdependence of healthy people, planet, and economies;
  • Balance the relationships between the private sector, government and civil society;
  • Ensure that everyone has access to free and fair markets.

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Invest for

  • Remove structural inequality;
  • Ensure leadership and ownership are more inclusive, and investment more accessible;
  • Use technology to advance democratic ideals and human rights;
  • Promote greater voice, power and opportunity for those currently marginalized.

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Account for

  • Measure success based on credible common metrics of sustainable value creation for all stakeholders;
  • Create incentives that reward business and investments creating social and environmental value;
  • Enhance standards of fiduciary duty.

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Let’s RESET. Together.

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